Protect Your Confidential Data with Pivotal Business Systems

Data security and privacy have become paramount concerns for organisations worldwide in today’s digital age. With the Australian Government’s stringent privacy regulations and the severe penalties for non-compliance, it is more crucial than ever to take proactive measures to safeguard sensitive information. Pivotal Business Systems offers a cutting-edge Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution explicitly tailored for printing security. Our innovative solution ensures real-time monitoring, effective management, and proactive prevention of data leaks, keeping your confidential information secure and your organisation compliant.


The Australian Government has implemented robust privacy regulations to protect individuals’ sensitive data and hold organisations accountable for their security. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in severe financial penalties and reputational damage. Pivotal Business Systems understands the pressing need for proactive measures to safeguard your organisation’s privacy and security, especially in printing security. Our DLP solution is designed to address these challenges head-on, providing comprehensive protection against data breaches and ensuring compliance with the Australian Government’s privacy regulations.

The Need for Proactive Measures

Recent data breaches have underscored the urgent need for organisations to take proactive measures to secure their confidential data. The consequences of a data breach can be devastating, leading to financial losses, legal ramifications, and irreparable damage to your organisation’s reputation. The Australian Government’s privacy regulations demand that organisations implement robust security measures to protect individuals’ personal information, and failure to comply can result in severe penalties.

The Pivotal Business Systems Advantage

Pivotal Business Systems’ Data Loss Prevention solution offers a comprehensive approach to printing security, enabling you to effectively Monitor, Manage, and Prevent sensitive data leaks. Our cutting-edge technology and advanced security features ensure your confidential information remains secure throughout printing. Let’s take a closer look at how our solution can safeguard your organisation’s privacy and mitigate the risks of data breaches.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our DLP solution provides real-time monitoring of all printing activities, giving you complete visibility and control over the sensitive data being printed within your organisation. We can identify and flag any suspicious or unauthorised printing activities, enabling you to take immediate action to prevent data leaks. By proactively monitoring printing operations, you can detect and mitigate potential risks before they escalate into data breaches. This can be as simple as a sensitive word or number or strings of words/terms that an organisation has deemed restricted.

Effective Management

Pivotal Business Systems’ DLP solution streamlines data management and ensures that your confidential information is handled securely at every stage of the printing process. Our solution enables you to define and enforce printing policies, restricting access to sensitive data and preventing unauthorised printing. With centralised control and comprehensive reporting, you can easily track and audit printing activities, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and internal security policies.

Proactive Prevention

Our DLP solution goes beyond monitoring and management by proactively preventing data leaks. We employ advanced security features like watermarking, encryption, and secure printing to safeguard your confidential information. Integrating these security measures into the printing workflow significantly reduces the risks of data breaches and unauthorised access. Our solution empowers you to take a proactive stance in protecting your organisation’s privacy and security.

Examples of Safeguarded Confidential Information

Pivotal Business Systems’ DLP solution is capable of safeguarding a wide range of confidential information, including but not limited to:

  1. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) – Names, addresses, social security numbers, and other sensitive personal data.
  2. Financial Information – Bank account details, credit card information, and financial statements.
  3. Intellectual Property – Proprietary research, product designs, and trade secrets.
  4. Legal Documents – Contracts, legal correspondence, and confidential agreements.
  5. Medical Records – Patient information, medical history, and healthcare data.

Take Immediate Action

The consequences of a data breach can be catastrophic for your organisation. Taking immediate action to protect your privacy, secure your confidential information, and avoid the severe penalties associated with non-compliance is crucial. Implement Pivotal Business Systems’ cutting-edge DLP solution to fortify your printing security and ensure compliance with the Australian Government’s privacy regulations.

The Cost of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with the Australian Government’s privacy regulations can result in significant financial repercussions. Penalties for data breaches can reach up to A$50 million or 30% of domestic turnover, depending on the severity and impact of the breach. By implementing Pivotal Business Systems’ innovative solution, you protect your organisation from these potential fines, safeguard your reputation, and maintain the trust of your customers and stakeholders.


In today’s data-driven world, securing sensitive information and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations are essential for every organisation. Pivotal Business Systems’ Data Loss Prevention solution, tailored specifically for printing security, offers a comprehensive approach to protecting confidential data. By leveraging real-time monitoring, effective management, and proactive prevention, our solution empowers you to safeguard your organisation’s privacy, mitigate the risks of data breaches, and avoid the severe penalties associated with non-compliance.

For more information on how Pivotal Business Systems can help you secure your confidential data, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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Unleashing Brilliance: A Closer Look at Ricoh’s New Pro C7500

In the ever-evolving landscape of printing technology, Ricoh has once again raised the bar with its latest innovation – the Ricoh Pro C7500. Packed with cutting-edge features and designed for precision, this printer is set to redefine the standards of professional colour printing. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of brilliance that the Ricoh Pro C7500 brings to the table.

Precision at its Core:

At the heart of the Ricoh Pro C7500 is an advanced printing engine that delivers unparalleled precision. With a maximum resolution of 2400 x 4,800 dpi, every print is a masterpiece, capturing the subtleties of colours and details with unmatched clarity. Whether it’s vibrant marketing materials or intricate graphics, the Pro C7500 ensures that your prints leave a lasting impression.

Speed Redefined:

Time is of the essence in the business world, and the Pro C7500 understands that. Boasting an impressive printing speed of 95 pages per minute, this printer doesn’t compromise on quality for efficiency. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to a streamlined printing process that keeps up with your fast-paced business needs.

Versatility in Every Print:

One of the standout features of the Ricoh Pro C7500 is its exceptional versatility. This printer can handle a wide range of media types and sizes, giving you the flexibility to bring your creative visions to life. From standard documents to glossy brochures and beyond, the Pro C7500 adapts to your diverse printing requirements with ease.

Intuitive User Experience:

Ricoh understands that user-friendly interfaces are crucial in a professional setting. The Pro C7500 comes equipped with an intuitive touch screen panel that simplifies the printing process. Accessing features, adjusting settings, and monitoring print jobs have never been more straightforward, allowing you to focus on what matters – your business.

Sustainability in Printing:

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, the Ricoh Pro C7500 stands out for its eco-friendly features. Energy-efficient technologies and recyclable materials contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of your printing operations. Make a positive impact on both your business and the planet with the Pro C7500.

Realizing Cost Efficiency:

The Ricoh Pro C7500 isn’t just an investment in quality; it’s a strategic move towards cost efficiency. With advanced colour management tools and optimized consumables, this printer maximizes your resources while delivering exceptional results. Experience a balance between high-performance printing and cost-effectiveness.


In conclusion, the Ricoh Pro C7500 is a game-changer in the world of professional colour printing. Its precision, speed, versatility, user-friendly interface, sustainability features, and cost efficiency make it a valuable asset for businesses aiming for excellence. Upgrade your printing experience and elevate your brand with the brilliance of Ricoh’s Pro C7500. The future of printing is here – embrace it with confidence.

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Exploring the Features of IQ Board Interactive Whiteboards

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the IQ board interactive whiteboard has emerged as a transformative tool in various sectors, from education to business and beyond. These interactive whiteboards have revolutionised the way we present information, collaborate on projects, and engage with content. In this blog, we will delve into the myriad features of IQ board interactive whiteboards that make them a powerful and versatile addition to any learning or working environment.

  1. Touch-Sensitive Surface: The primary feature of an IQ board interactive whiteboard is its touch-sensitive surface. Users can interact with the board using their fingers or a stylus, enabling natural and intuitive input.
  2. High-Quality Display: IQ boards typically feature high-resolution displays, ensuring that content is crisp, clear, and visually engaging. Whether it’s text, images, or videos, the quality of the display enhances the overall experience.
  3. Multi-Touch Capability: IQ boards support multi-touch gestures, allowing multiple users to interact with the board simultaneously. This feature fosters collaboration and teamwork, making it ideal for group activities and presentations.
  4. Digital Pen Compatibility: In addition to touch input, IQ boards often support digital pens, which are perfect for precise writing, drawing, and annotation. These pens offer a more tactile and pen-on-paper experience.
  5. Compatibility with Various Devices: IQ boards can be connected to computers, laptops, tablets, and other devices, making it easy to display and interact with digital content from various sources.
  6. Interactive Software: The interactive software that accompanies IQ boards is a game-changer. It provides a user-friendly interface with tools for drawing, writing, highlighting, and more. Additionally, the software may include a range of educational and productivity applications.
  7. Internet Connectivity: Many IQ boards have internet connectivity, enabling users to access online resources, websites, and cloud-based content directly from the board. This feature opens up a world of information and possibilities.
  8. Annotation Capabilities: Users can annotate over existing documents or presentations. Whether it’s making notes on a slide or highlighting key points, this feature enhances the effectiveness of presentations and collaborative work.
  9. Save and Share Functions: IQ boards often come with the ability to save the content created during a session. This content can be easily shared with participants, ensuring that everyone has access to the information discussed.
  10. Built-in Audio and Video: IQ boards come with built-in audio and video features. This is especially useful for video conferencing, presentations, and interactive multimedia lessons.
  11. Versatile Mounting Options: IQ boards can be wall-mounted or placed on mobile stands, making them adaptable to different environments and room configurations.
  12. Calibration: The calibration feature ensures precise and accurate touch and pen input, guaranteeing that the board responds correctly to user actions.
  13. Remote Access and Control: Many IQ boards offer remote access and control, allowing facilitators or teachers to manage the board from their device, enhancing the efficiency of the session.
  14. Customisable Templates: Users can create customizable templates for various purposes, such as brainstorming, project planning, or educational activities.
  15. Security Features: IQ boards often include security features to protect sensitive data and to ensure a safe and controlled environment, particularly in educational settings.

IQ board interactive whiteboards are not just a technological advancement; they are a dynamic platform for collaboration, creativity, and engagement. The features of these interactive whiteboards cater to diverse needs, from interactive classroom lessons to dynamic corporate presentations and beyond. As technology continues to evolve, so too will the capabilities of IQ boards, further enhancing our ability to communicate, collaborate, and innovate. With IQ boards, the possibilities are limitless, and the future of interactive communication is at our fingertips.

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Impact of IQ Board Interactive Whiteboards? Discover the Difference!

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective communication and collaboration are essential. Traditional presentation tools like whiteboards and flip charts are gradually making way for advanced solutions like IQ board interactive whiteboards. These versatile devices are reshaping the way professionals conduct meetings, present ideas, and collaborate with teams. In this blog, we’ll explore the powerful impact of IQ board interactive whiteboards in corporate environments.

What is an IQ Board Interactive Whiteboard?

An IQ board interactive whiteboard is a high-tech device that combines the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with interactive capabilities. It is essentially a large, touch-sensitive display that connects to a computer, allowing users to interact with digital content through touch or digital pens. This technology revolutionises the way professionals share information, ideas, and collaborate during meetings and presentations.

The Benefits of IQ Board Interactive Whiteboards in Business

  1. Enhanced Collaboration: IQ boards foster collaboration by enabling team members to actively participate in meetings. They can brainstorm, annotate documents, and contribute to discussions in real-time.
  2. Dynamic Presentations: Delivering dynamic, engaging presentations becomes easier with IQ boards. Presenters can incorporate multimedia elements, interactive charts, and diagrams to illustrate their points effectively.
  3. Visual Impact: Visual elements often have a more significant impact than text alone. IQ boards allow presenters to use images, videos, and diagrams to enhance understanding and retention of information.
  4. Interactive Decision-Making: During meetings, interactive whiteboards can facilitate decision-making processes. Teams can mark up documents, vote on ideas, and prioritize tasks collectively.
  5. Remote Collaboration: With the rise of remote work, IQ boards bridge the gap by enabling real-time collaboration and presentations for both in-person and virtual participants.
  6. Streamlined Documentation: IQ boards often come with the ability to save and share meeting content digitally. This reduces the need for manual note-taking and ensures that all participants have access to the materials afterward.

Applications of IQ Board Interactive Whiteboards in Business

  1. Interactive Meetings: IQ boards are ideal for interactive meetings where participants can actively contribute, annotate, and brainstorm ideas.
  2. Presentations: Professionals can create engaging and interactive presentations for clients, stakeholders, or internal teams.
  3. Project Planning: IQ boards can be used for project planning, enabling teams to outline project timelines, allocate tasks, and make real-time adjustments.
  4. Remote Collaboration: Businesses can use IQ boards to facilitate effective remote collaboration, ensuring that virtual team members are as engaged as those present in the room.
  5. Training and Workshops: IQ boards are excellent tools for conducting training sessions and workshops, where presenters can engage with the audience and encourage participation.

Challenges and Considerations

While IQ boards offer numerous features, there are considerations such as the initial cost of the technology, the need for user training, and the ongoing maintenance requirements. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that IQ boards are used to enhance, rather than hinder, the flow of meetings and presentations.


IQ board interactive whiteboards are transforming the way businesses communicate, collaborate, and present ideas. They empower professionals to create engaging and interactive experiences, whether in the boardroom, during remote meetings, or in training sessions. As businesses continue to evolve, IQ boards provide a valuable tool to stay ahead in a competitive and dynamic corporate landscape. With IQ boards, it’s not just about meetings and presentations; it’s about innovation, collaboration, and impactful communication.

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Enhancing Education with Interactive IQ Boards

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, the integration of technology has become paramount. Traditional blackboards and whiteboards are gradually being replaced by interactive solutions that engage students, foster collaboration, and bring learning to life. One such innovative tool is the IQ board, a dynamic and interactive classroom solution that’s transforming the way educators teach and students learn.

What is an IQ Board?

An IQ board, also known as an interactive whiteboard, is a large touchscreen display that connects to a computer, projector, or other input device. It essentially transforms a standard whiteboard into an interactive learning tool, allowing educators and students to interact with digital content using touch, digital pens, or other input methods.

Benefits of Using IQ Boards in Education

  • Engaging Learning Experiences:
    IQ boards make learning more interactive and engaging. They allow educators to incorporate multimedia content, interactive apps, and educational software into their lessons. This helps capture students’ attention and create a dynamic learning environment.
  • Enhanced Collaboration:
    Collaboration is a crucial skill in today’s world, and IQ boards facilitate it in the classroom. Students can work together on projects, presentations, and problem-solving tasks, fostering teamwork and communication skills.
  • Visual Learning:
    Visual aids often improve the comprehension and retention of information. IQ boards enable teachers to use images, videos, diagrams, and other visual elements to reinforce their lessons, making abstract concepts more accessible.
  • Real-time Feedback:
    IQ boards offer instant feedback to both teachers and students. Educators can gauge student comprehension through interactive quizzes and polls, while students receive immediate corrections and clarifications on their work.
  • Customization:
    Educators can tailor their lessons to meet individual student needs more easily. They can adapt content, pace, and teaching methods in real-time to ensure that all students, regardless of their learning styles, can grasp the material.
  • Resource Access:
    With an internet connection, IQ boards provide access to a wealth of online educational resources, including video lectures, digital libraries, and educational websites. This opens up new avenues for research and learning beyond the confines of textbooks.

Applications of IQ Boards in the Classroom

  • Interactive Lessons: Teachers can create interactive lessons that incorporate multimedia content, interactive quizzes, and activities, ensuring that learning remains engaging and varied.
  • Virtual Field Trips: Through the use of IQ boards, students can embark on virtual field trips, exploring the world from the safety and comfort of their classrooms.
  • Collaborative Projects: Students can work together on projects, brainstorm ideas, and present their work using the IQ board as a collaborative platform.
  • Digital Annotations: Teachers can highlight key concepts, make notes, and underline important information, making it easier for students to understand and retain critical information.
  • Remote Learning: IQ boards have proven invaluable during times of remote learning, enabling teachers to conduct classes and interact with students from afar.


IQ boards are revolutionising the education landscape by providing a dynamic, interactive, and engaging learning environment. Their benefits include increased student engagement, enhanced collaboration, and the ability to deliver content in a visual and interactive way. Educators are encouraged to explore these innovative tools to transform their classrooms and better prepare students for the challenges of the modern world. The IQ board is not just a piece of technology; it’s a bridge to a more interactive and immersive learning experience.

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Embracing the Hybrid Workspace: The Power of Microsoft Teams Rooms

video conference

In recent years, the concept of the traditional office space has been undergoing a transformation. With the advent of technology and changing work cultures, the way we work has evolved dramatically. One of the key developments in this paradigm shift is the emergence of the hybrid workspace, where remote work and in-person collaboration seamlessly blend together. In this blog, we will explore the rising trend of hybrid workspaces and the role of Microsoft Teams Rooms in revolutionising the way teams collaborate.

The Rise of the Hybrid Workspace:

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work like never before. Companies worldwide were forced to adapt to the new normal, and employees found themselves working from home with the aid of video conferencing tools. While remote work offered flexibility and safety during the pandemic, it also highlighted the importance of face-to-face collaboration and the energy of in-person meetings.

As the world slowly returned to some semblance of normalcy, many organizations embraced the hybrid workspace model, combining the benefits of remote work with the power of physical office spaces. The hybrid workspace allows teams to collaborate from diverse locations, accommodating individual preferences and providing a better work-life balance. However, this model also requires robust technological infrastructure to ensure seamless communication and collaboration among team members.

Microsoft Teams Rooms: Empowering Hybrid Collaboration:

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a breakthrough solution from Microsoft that facilitates efficient hybrid collaboration. Built on the foundation of Microsoft Teams, which has grown to be one of the most popular collaboration platforms globally, Microsoft Teams Rooms takes video conferencing and collaboration to a whole new level.

  1. Purpose-Built Hardware: Microsoft Teams Rooms integrates with purpose-built hardware, transforming ordinary meeting rooms into smart, technology-enabled spaces. High-definition cameras, high-quality audio systems, and interactive displays create an immersive meeting experience, bridging the gap between in-person and remote participants.
  2. Seamless Meeting Management: With Microsoft Teams Rooms, managing meetings becomes effortless. You can schedule, join, and control meetings directly from the room’s console, making it a hassle-free experience for everyone involved. The intuitive user interface ensures that team members can focus on the collaboration itself, not the technology.
  3. Inclusive Collaboration: One of the most significant advantages of Microsoft Teams Rooms is its inclusivity. Regardless of whether team members are present in the physical meeting room or attending virtually, the platform ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. Remote participants can actively participate, share content, and collaborate on the same virtual whiteboard as their in-person counterparts.
  4. Security and Compliance: Microsoft Teams Rooms adheres to the highest security and compliance standards. Data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and other robust security measures ensure that sensitive information remains protected during collaboration sessions.
  5. Integration with Microsoft 365: Microsoft Teams Rooms seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This integration allows teams to access and collaborate on documents in real-time, further enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The Future of Collaboration:

The hybrid workspace model, supported by advanced solutions like Microsoft Teams Rooms, is poised to redefine the future of collaboration. As organisations embrace flexibility, remote work will likely become a permanent fixture for many. By offering employees the freedom to choose their work environment while maintaining a strong sense of belonging and effective collaboration, companies can attract and retain top talent from diverse locations.

Embracing the hybrid workspace model and adopting solutions like Microsoft Teams Rooms demonstrates a company’s commitment to innovation, adaptability, and employee satisfaction. As the workspace landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for businesses to invest in cutting-edge technology that empowers their teams and fosters a culture of collaboration.

In conclusion, the hybrid workspace is here to stay, and Microsoft Teams Rooms serves as a powerful enabler for this new way of working. By combining the best of both remote and in-person collaboration, businesses can unlock the full potential of their teams and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of work.

Talk to us, we can make it happen for you.

Disclaimer: As technology constantly evolves, it is essential to keep track of the latest updates and improvements in Microsoft Teams Rooms to make the most of this innovative collaboration tool.

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Benefits of using the 3CX Phone System in your business

The best phone system for companies of all sizes is 3CX Phone Systems. A software-based phone system called 3CX Phone Systems offers cutting-edge communication services like voice and video calling, instant messaging, web conferencing, and more. With 3CX, your company can communicate with clients and staff more efficiently, increasing output and elevating client satisfaction.

Listed below are just a few advantages of 3CX Phone Systems:

  • Enhanced productivity: Your staff can stay in touch and provide prompt customer service thanks to features like call forwarding, voicemail, and call recording.
  • A complete communication solution is offered through 3CX’s seamless interaction with your current IT infrastructure, including your CRM and email systems.
  • Savings: Since 3CX is a software-based phone system, you can save money by paying less for hardware and maintenance while still getting lower call rates.
  • Flexibility: This system offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of communication, allowing users to access the system and make or receive calls from any device and location. This means that you can use 3CX to make and receive calls from your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, without having to switch between different systems or applications. The system is designed to work seamlessly across all devices and platforms, so you can access your business communication tools wherever you are and whenever you need them.

Bottom Line

Pivotal business systems is pleased to be a 3CX partner and can provide you with the greatest rates, assistance, and knowledge for your business requirements. In order to make sure your 3CX system functions properly and efficiently, we can also assist you with installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance.

Don’t let poor communication in the workplace hinder you. To discover more about 3CX Phone Systems and how these types of multifunctional devices can revolutionise your company’s communications, get in touch with us right away.

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Why your Business needs a 3CX Phone System

Save your business up to 80% on phone bills!

3CX is a powerful and versatile phone system that offers businesses a comprehensive solution for managing their telecommunications needs.

It is an IP-based PBX system that allows businesses to make and receive calls through a wide range of devices, including desk phones, softphones, and mobile phones – all through one landline number.

One of the key advantages of 3CX is its flexibility. It can be installed on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution. This means that businesses can choose the deployment method that best suits their needs and budget. Additionally, 3CX is highly scalable, so it can grow with your business as it expands.

Another great feature of 3CX is its unified communications capabilities. It integrates seamlessly with a range of popular business applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce, to provide a complete communications solution.

This means that employees can make and receive calls, send and receive instant messages, and access voicemail and call history all from within their preferred application.

3CX also offers a range of advanced features that can help businesses streamline their communications and improve productivity. For example, it supports call queuing, call recording, and advanced call routing, allowing businesses to handle high call volumes more efficiently.

It also offers web conferencing and video calling capabilities, which are becoming increasingly important as more businesses shift to remote working.

Overall, 3CX is a powerful and flexible phone system that can help businesses of all sizes improve their communications and streamline their operations. With its unified communications capabilities, advanced features, and flexible deployment options, it is a great choice for businesses looking to upgrade their telecommunications infrastructure.

In conclusion, we can say that 3CX Phone System is a software-based IP PBX that replaces a traditional PBX and delivers unified communications solutions, including video conferencing, web conferencing, and softphone capabilities. It is thus, one of the best multifunctional devices can be easily managed through a web-based console and integrates with other business applications, such as CRM and ERP systems.

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7 Ways Managed IT Services Can Help Boost Employee Productivity

By Hugh Grant | TechBullion

When handling information technology internally, businesses often find that their employees’ productivity levels drop significantly. This is because most employees are not trained in IT, and thus aren’t equipped to handle complex

issues when they arise. A business needs to have a team of dedicated IT professionals to keep all of its systems running smoothly and efficiently.

What is managed IT services?

Managed IT services is an outsourcing solution for business information technology needs. A managed IT service provider (MSP) takes on a business’ IT responsibilities, from ensuring that systems are up and running to providing support when issues arise.

There are many ways in which managed IT services can help boost employee productivity in your business, including:

Increased Uptime

When you have an MSP taking care of your information technology, you can be sure that your systems will be up and running more often. MSPs have the expertise and resources to identify and fix issues quickly before they cause major disruptions.

Reduced Need for IT Support

Managed IT services also mean that you need less in-house IT support. MSPs proactively manage your systems to prevent issues from arising in the first place. And when problems do occur, they are usually able to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Happier employees are more productive employees.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Happier employees are more productive employees. When they don’t have to worry about technology issues, they’ll be more satisfied with their jobs. That means they’re more likely to perform at their best.

More Time for Strategic Tasks

When a company outsources its IT, employees’ time is freed up to focus on more strategic tasks. With an MSP handling things, employees no longer have to spend time managing updates and troubleshooting issues, for example.

Better Use of Technology

With managed IT services, a business can be sure that it is making the most of its technology. This is because MSPs will keep your systems up-to-date and ensure that they are being used optimally.

Reduced IT Costs

Managed IT services can help to reduce a company’s overall IT costs, as it will no longer need to invest in costly hardware and software upgrades. And because MSPs usually charge a flat monthly fee, it’s easier to predict and manage your IT budget.

Increased Competitiveness

Using an MSP to outsource IT functions has the added benefit of leveling the playing field. Smaller businesses have access to the same high-quality IT services and support as larger entities, without having to invest in an in-house IT team.

Managed IT services can help boost employee productivity in a number of ways. If you are looking for a way to improve your business’ performance, then outsourcing your IT to an MSP may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

This article was written by Hugh Grant from TechBullion and was legally licensed through the Industry Dive Content Marketplace. Please direct all licensing questions to

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Business as Unusual in the MOST Unusual of Times

Disruption” is not always about a new competitor entering the market, or a different business model eroding the legacy revenue base of established business. It can mean world stopping events.

COVID19 has created the most unusual and difficult business environment we have seen in our lifetimes. With government directives to minimise contact through social distancing and work from home, the day-to-day of managing your dispersed workforce and continuing to interact with customers has become the new challenge.

How do you achieve the primary goals of Serving Your Customers and Being Profitable?

The businesses that will survive or potentially succeed in these times are those that can pivot their systems and process to the new norm; whilst keeping remote staff productive, connected and engaged with their organisation and customers; whilst also ensuring business information security and data loss prevention.

At Pivotal Business Systems we understand the requirements of business continuity and change management. When it comes to a changing environment our understanding of products and process design capabilities ensures your business remains productive and secure through this changing landscape. We can help you empower your workforce and provide the tools specifically designed for collaboration to meet every employees’ unique and specific needs (workstyles).

Have you considered these important business issues for work-from-home staff:

  • Are the resources they are using as good as they had at the office for:
    • PC processing speed and reliability?
    • Does it link them back into the corporate environment securely and with no productivity loss?
    • Corporate security against data loss prevention and cyber-attack?
    • Is printing, scanning copying and/or faxing as productive as they had in the office?
    • Supported through help desk and if required on-site?
    • Are those costs able to be controlled and managed to provide a strong ROI?
  • Does your current information systems provide:
    • Access to files anywhere?
    • Share and collaborate on information locally and remotely?
    • Enable the allocation of tasks and visibility to progress?
    • Digital forms for clients?
  • If the new norm for communication is not face-to-face but personal phone and/or web conferencing:
    • Does the current office phone system auto route to their personal phones at home for a seamless customer experience?
    • Is the audio and video of a standard that presents your company well?
    • Is it secure, especially for video conferencing?
    • Do your staff see video conferencing as a big thing only for big meetings or as a way to collaborate and stay connected to fellow workers and customers as easily as walking to a colleague’s desk or visiting a client for a quick interaction?
    • Is it compatible with your clients preferred conferencing system i.e Skype, Skype for Business, Zoom, Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft Teams, WebRTC, etc, etc, etc, etc
    • Can it be accessed through a simple web browser for an easy to join meeting?
    • Does you video conferencing system have local PoP (Point of Presence) and support and is it compliant with Australian Data Loss Prevention legislation?

Features and benefits for the customer

  • Full support package for remote customer
  • No touch delivery and setup?
  • Pay as you go plan


So where to from here. With COVID19 there are a lot of questions still to be answered or to get an answer for. For all the answers for the issues we have raised above call Pivotal Business Systems.


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