Auditing Your Copying & Printing

In our last blog we discussed the potential savings that you can achieve as a business by looking at your overall copy & print volumes and their associated costs.

Before you can manage and optimise the use and costs of your copiers, Multi Function Devices (MFDs), and printers in your organisation, you will need to conduct an audit of all devices in all locations to identify what you have and how these devices are utilised. You will further need to review what expenses are associated with operating all of your devices so you can determine how much you pay in total for your fleet and how these expenses break down to the individual device.

Whilst many vendors will offer you their assistance and services to audit your devices and to determine the associated expenses (sometimes for free, sometime for a fee) you can also do this yourself.

Step 1 is to record all the devices you have.
Step 2 is to determine how many pages they produce in a typical reference period.
Step 3 is to obtain information about the costs of all required consumables and how many pages can be produced with each of these items.
These 3 steps will enable you to calculate the operational costs of your fleet.

If you also obtain the asset costs and the age for your devices (for financed devices you will require ongoing rental / lease expenses instead) you can determine the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your each of your devices.

Over the next weeks we will look into each of these steps in more detail. You may be surprised by the outcome for your business – chances are that there are more devices than you think, and that you will see a significant range of costs per page – information that then can be utilised to develop a strategy to reduce your expenses.

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