Auditing Your Device Usage

In our last blog we looked at our options to self-audit your fleet of copy & print devices.

Today we want to review ways to determine how each of these devices is utilised.

Many devices have a fairly comprehensive lifetime page count. The detailed version is often incorporated in the systems report that can be printed from the operator front panel.
This counter gives you the total pages that were produced since the device was new as well as information about A3 usage, double sided output, colour usage, and scan usage (if applicable).
If you can access these counters and compare a previous read to the current read, it’s straight forward to determine the typical usage of a device for the period between dates that the two reports were created. Electronic auditing tools collect this counter information consistently and can therefore provide the usage details for any period.

If you know the age of the device and know that its usage pattern has not changed since you implemented it, you can use the lifetime page volume and divide it by the device age to get an average usage per period.

Your third option is to validate the paper cassette capacity and check with the users how often per period they refill the paper. A device with a 250 sheet cassette that is refilled approximately once per week would have an average usage of 1,000 prints or copies per month. If it has a 500 sheet cassette and gets refilled twice per week, the volume would be approximately 4,000 prints of copies per month.

Whatever method you utilise it is imperative that you analyse a typical usage period.
For example, an HR team with a monthly payroll a page volume analysis over 2 weeks will either overestimate or underestimate the true average usage, depending whether the monitoring includes the payroll run or not. Or if you look at a school – even a full month may not be representative if it includes 2 weeks of school holidays.

Stay tuned, in our next edition we will look at your options how to work out the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for each of your current devices.

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