Can You Afford Not To Look At Your Costs for Copy & Print?

As a leader who is responsible for business performance, you have two ways to improve the bottom line – increase income or reduce costs.

When looking at your costs you can achieve the biggest savings by looking at your biggest expenses – that is pretty much common knowledge. One of your major business expenses is often printing and copying – although you may not even be aware of this.

Why is print & copy costing you more than it should?

  • Unnecessary prints – Quite a few documents that you pay for are not needed after all. Overflowing bins next to your devices contain documents that were printed but never collected or deemed not required by the user when they picked them up. Of the documents that were collected and kept, often only a few pages are really used.
  • Colour instead of Mono – It’s not only your suppliers for hardware and software that like to set colour as the default, users also like to use colour for everything. The significantly higher costs for colour versus mono print & copy end up costing you much more money than you should spend.
  • Use of devices with high running costs – Totally agreed, a local device can improve user productivity. Unfortunately smaller devices are more costly to operate and if users print everything on them your costs are higher than they need to be.
  • Costs you did not even know you had. Like the ink and toner you bought for devices that you no longer have. And the costs to buy ink and toner. And the costs for user support for print. Just to mention a few.

How bad is the damage for your business?

Before you can look at saving costs from your print & copy you need to know what you are looking at. You need to know how many devices you have, how many pages are produced on them, and how much this is costing you. You need to keep track of what other expenses you are incurring, what applications the prints are coming from, what is produced in colour, and which users and user groups are responsible for how much of your print volumes.
 Only when you have a good understanding of what you have and how it is used can you determine your costs, set goals for cost reductions, and start to manage.

Stay tuned, in our next blogs we will discuss helpful ways how you can analyse your current fleet and the associated cost, then we will outline strategies how you can improve visibility and manageability of your devices and reduce the expenses.

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