Forms In Electronic Document Management Systems

For our last article of the series about Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), we want to have a look at the benefits they can offer for your forms.

If you review your most critical business processes you will find that forms are an integral part of them – from requisitions and approvals, through to reports, they are everywhere.

Electronic Document Management Systems can simplify life with forms in many ways. The EDMS can be the hub where the blank forms are stored and obtained from, so only the controlled version of each form is used and they are available from wherever users have access to the EDMS. Completed forms can be scanned and stored in the EDMS from where they can be retrieved when required.

However, working with forms involves much more then obtaining the blank form and filing the completed form. Your EDMS can provide a lot more functionality through its document processing capabilities, like the pre-filling of variable data from databases it can interrogate, the distribution of partially completed forms to the next instance in the process, and the distribution of completed forms to all required recipients.

Take, for example, an accident in a child care facility. In the “non-EDMS” environment the carer locates the blank form, adds all variable information including the name, date and time, type of incident and action taken as well as making the form available for the collection of the child at the end of the care period for review and signature. With an EDMS the form can be pre-populated, the incident type and action taken can be selected from a pull-down menu and the form can be reviewed on a tablet where the carer can sign electronically and decide if they want to have a copy emailed or don’t require one. Needless to say that in the EDMS reports can easily be generated to analyse trends or compare periods. Should there be a need for a notification to an authority to meet compliance obligations (based on the nature of the incident or the care situation of the child) they can be sent automatically.

So if the efficiency gains, the cost savings, and the disaster protection of an EDMS still have not convinced you to take action, maybe the improvements to the use of forms in your processes will win you over.

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