I Prefer Paper - I Can Track and Control It Better

In our recent articles we discussed the main objections users raise when confronted with the choice of processing and filing hardcopy documents versus digital processing and filing documents in an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

Apart from the already discussed need of physical signatures and what options are available in the digital world, the second most common argument raised by end-users against EDMS is that in their eyes they have better control over a hardcopy document whilst it is being processed and after it has been filed.

On face value – these end-users have some valid arguments. You see in the morning what needs to be done for the day in the “In” tray. And when you search through piles of paper waiting to be processed, or binders over binders of filed paper, you know what the document you are after looks like, it is possible that you will find it - if indeed it is in the piles or the binders.

However you only have one single search criteria – the information what the document looks like. And you only have one search location – the pile or binder where it should be.

So if you can’t recall what the document looks like or if the document has been incorrectly filed – your options are pretty limited. A hardcopy archive will only allow you to easily search all correct piles and binders, however a full search for a misplaced document can be very work intensive and may even be prohibitive due to the amount of piles and folders. And a hardcopy archive search will not allow you to search for the creation date, when it was last accessed, who it was accessed by, what type of document, or what its content is.

Content search, search by document history, search by document characteristics, and searching across all places where documents are stored are just a few advantages an EDMS has over a hardcopy archive.

And with all respect for end-user preference – what is the impact of a misplaced document for your business? Will you lose money if you can’t provide the Proof of Delivery? Will you lose your license if patient or childcare records can’t be presented?

Seeking end-user buy-in as part of the introduction of an EDMS is pretty vital – but in the end can your business afford that a few users aren’t willing to change?

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