Why Only Store Documents In Your New Electronic Document Management System?

In our recent articles we discussed the main objections users raise when confronted with the choice of processing and filing hardcopy documents versus digital processing and filing documents in an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

As discussed several options are available to cover the perceived and real needs for physical signatures in the digital world.

We also extensively discussed the user preference for hardcopy documents and what rational arguments speak against the processing and filing of hardcopy documents.

However, what good are all the rational arguments of the world if your users simply don’t buy them?

You could try to convince them with your arguments of legal compliance or business continuity in case of a disaster. After all, the latter equates to employment continuity for them, doesn’t it?

However, we believe as a business owner you have a better option to get your employees’ support.

Why don’t you select a small number of your most important processes and together, with the employees involved in these processes, analyse them critically for their efficiency and reliability. How many bottlenecks will you jointly identify? How many resources are used up for firefighting?

Now it’s time to sit down with the same team and work through how these processes could work with digital processing instead of paper, and how this can address the identified bottlenecks.

What do you think - will they come to the same conclusion as you that digital processing and filing documents in an EDMS is the way to go?

Do you feel that this won’t work that well if you chair this exercise yourself? Feel free to take an expert like Pivotal Business Systems on board and let us run this workshop for you – with the same outcome but delivered by an impartial 3rd party provider.

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