Business as Unusual in the MOST Unusual of Times

Disruption” is not always about a new competitor entering the market, or a different business model eroding the legacy revenue base of established business. It can mean world stopping events.

COVID19 has created the most unusual and difficult business environment we have seen in our lifetimes. With government directives to minimise contact through social distancing and work from home, the day-to-day of managing your dispersed workforce and continuing to interact with customers has become the new challenge.

How do you achieve the primary goals of Serving Your Customers and Being Profitable?

The businesses that will survive or potentially succeed in these times are those that can pivot their systems and process to the new norm; whilst keeping remote staff productive, connected and engaged with their organisation and customers; whilst also ensuring business information security and data loss prevention.

At Pivotal Business Systems we understand the requirements of business continuity and change management. When it comes to a changing environment our understanding of products and process design capabilities ensures your business remains productive and secure through this changing landscape. We can help you empower your workforce and provide the tools specifically designed for collaboration to meet every employees’ unique and specific needs (workstyles).

Have you considered these important business issues for work-from-home staff:

  • Are the resources they are using as good as they had at the office for:
    • PC processing speed and reliability?
    • Does it link them back into the corporate environment securely and with no productivity loss?
    • Corporate security against data loss prevention and cyber-attack?
    • Is printing, scanning copying and/or faxing as productive as they had in the office?
    • Supported through help desk and if required on-site?
    • Are those costs able to be controlled and managed to provide a strong ROI?
  • Does your current information systems provide:
    • Access to files anywhere?
    • Share and collaborate on information locally and remotely?
    • Enable the allocation of tasks and visibility to progress?
    • Digital forms for clients?
  • If the new norm for communication is not face-to-face but personal phone and/or web conferencing:
    • Does the current office phone system auto route to their personal phones at home for a seamless customer experience?
    • Is the audio and video of a standard that presents your company well?
    • Is it secure, especially for video conferencing?
    • Do your staff see video conferencing as a big thing only for big meetings or as a way to collaborate and stay connected to fellow workers and customers as easily as walking to a colleague’s desk or visiting a client for a quick interaction?
    • Is it compatible with your clients preferred conferencing system i.e Skype, Skype for Business, Zoom, Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft Teams, WebRTC, etc, etc, etc, etc
    • Can it be accessed through a simple web browser for an easy to join meeting?
    • Does you video conferencing system have local PoP (Point of Presence) and support and is it compliant with Australian Data Loss Prevention legislation?

Features and benefits for the customer

  • Full support package for remote customer
  • No touch delivery and setup?
  • Pay as you go plan


So where to from here. With COVID19 there are a lot of questions still to be answered or to get an answer for. For all the answers for the issues we have raised above call Pivotal Business Systems.



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