Pivotal’s Process Automation is the next step in empowering your workforce.

Free your staff from manual, repetitive workflows

Eliminate the errors from manual input

Create reports for measurable insights in to your processes

Reduce Manual Tasks by 80%

We offer solutions to automate virtually any business process within your organisation, dramatically improving productivity, reducing errors and organising your data.

Accelerate Document Review and Approval

  • Enable simultaneous review and approval by routing documents or electronic forms to multiple users
  • Easily reassign tasks if someone is out of the office.





A Typical Business Process

  1. Employee at location 1 receives an invoice
  2. Scans the invoice as a PDF
  3. Emails the document to finance
  4. Finance prints out the invoice
  5. Manually fills out the rest of the information
  6. Re-scans the invoice as a PDF
  7. And finally enters the transaction into the accounting system
  8. Sends payment to the appropriate vendor
  9. Saves a version for record keeping

Automation by Pivotal


Customer sends invoice to centralised email address


Invoice is automatically scanned, key data extracted and matched to purchase orders and goods receipts


Automatic approval on correct matching, otherwise automatically routed to correct person for approval.

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Increase Transparency

  • Use configurable, easy-to-use reports to measure process success.
  • Evaluate employee workloads using dashboards and visualizations.

Stay involved while on the go

  • Eliminate process bottlenecks by using your iOS, Android or Windows device to review, approve and sign documents
  • Reduce duplicate data entry by submitting electronic forms while out in the field

Manage mission-critical processes and eliminate busy work

Remove Paper at the Start

Kick off routing and approval workflows when web forms are submitted

Keep Track of Documents

Automatically send notifications when documents are created, edited or deleted

Monitor Document Progress

Track exactly where documents are in the process and who is working on each document

Simplify Automation

Download prebuilt process diagrams and forms for common business processes

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