Business Process Optimisation

Business Process Optimisation

In business, how you do something matters as much as—if not more than—what you do.

Recent research has shown that 85% of all organisational problems stem from processes, control mechanisms and structure. Studies have also shown that businesses consistently do better by focusing on their processes and systems rather than expenses and profits.

Pivotal Business Systems’ innovative hardware and solutions help customers work faster and better. However, we do much more than sell you products. With our Business Process Optimisation service, we can review every aspect of your workplace and help you maximise your productivity.

7 Steps of Business Process Optimisation

Pivotal Business Systems has helped customers improve their efficiency and reduce their costs for more than 30 years. Our Business Process Optimisation service has seven key steps:

1. Strategic Assessment

We define your objectives and goals and determine areas for improvement.

2. Discovery Analysis

We review your current processes and discover performance issues.

3. Improvement Design

We recommend ways to make your processes more efficient.

4. Technology Support

We look at your current technology and make any changes or upgrades to implement your new processes.

5. Change Management

We guide you through implementing the new processes to ensure their effectiveness.

6. Educational Support

We train your staff on the new processes.

7. Sustainable Improvement

We go over your progress to determine if your objectives are being met. We also check to see if your processes continue to improve.

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