Digital Transformation – Changing the Real Estate Go-To-Market

Whilst Real Estate has always had its market ups and downs the change through digital transformation has created new ways to connect vendors and purchasers to drive sales opportunities.  The marketing has changed from newspapers to online with and and from only face to face to include social media. With this has come a much greater reliance on IT technology which has moved from being a back office function to front and center of an agencies priorities and focus as an inadequate system can negatively impact sales. Combine with this the added government requirements for the protection of confidential customer data and a strong and secure IT infrastructure becomes a necessity.

In parallel with this is the changing requirements in print marketing. The total marketing concept is a large part of gaining listings and it is critical to deliver quality material whilst complying with the corporate brand guidelines you have developed or are set by your franchise. A few quick copies as open house handouts won’t necessarily cut it with potential purchasers.

Underlining this is the ever present requirement to control capital expenditure to assist in better managing the cash flow roller coaster.

At Pivotal Group, we work with agency principals to ensure their IT infrastructure and digital document management systems are able to cope with these new requirements whilst ensuring security compliance and providing ongoing support all under one simple monthly managed services cost. This frees up capital, allowing for investment in higher return on equity resources.

A recent example is a Hunter region agency that we a current customer for our print devices but not for It Services. They raised a number of concerns regarding their current provider which included:

  • A lack of clarity around what they were receiving for their current monthly fee
  • Lack of account management with no proactive plan, only reactive break/fix
  • Items that were part of the fee for service not being delivered
  • A lot of “Work” on site which did not seem to be improving system reliability

Through a consultative process the Pivotal Group were able to conduct an It Technology Audit to determine the current state of the system. This uncovered:

  • High levels of security risk including
    • Passwords set to never expire
    • Weak password strength
    • Missing security patches on devices
    • 17 old user accounts still active after previous staff had left the business
    • Account lockout disabled
  • Poor resource management
    • 8 inactive computer still on the network
    • 17 devices out of support
    • 2 devices running at maximum capacity and likely to fail as a result
    • Average device age was 29 months but oldest was 62 month old and provide poor performance
  • Poor account management
    • No regular scheduled review or reporting on system performance
    • No long term documented plan or budget to keep up with or take advantage of technology changes or control expenditure
    • A large amount of staff time was involved in level 1 support

From this audit Pivotal Group was appointed to manage not only print but also their IT infrastructure. This enabled a single service agreement covering all technology. From the audit a plan was developed and implemented to:

  • Decommission the redundant computers
  • Implement a documented security policy to set minimum standards for network passwords
  • All server and computer security patches were updated to latest versions to minimize the potential for virus and cyber attacks
  • Key technology items were updated to improve network performance and a device life cycle plan put in place to proactively manage device performance/age and required expenditure
  • Completed a Future Infrastructure Plan to provide a proactive approach to technology and ensure the business was able to maximise system performance which controlling costs and capital expenditure

So whether you need to simply refresh obsolete Print or IT hardware, require some technology guidance or remove significant IT related costs (or need anything in between) Pivotal Group can help you leverage the Digital Disruption wave and allow you to focus on more important things such as improving student outcomes.

The Pivotal Group

The Pivotal Group has over 40 years experience in servicing the technology needs of businesses in the Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter, New England and Port Macquarie regions of NSW.  Our expertise covers Managed Print Services, Business Process Design, IT Technology supply and support, Collaborative Conferencing and Digital POS Systems.


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