Digital Transformation – It’s An Education in Change Management

Education has moved a long way from desks in rows and chalk on the blackboard. Digital technology and its ability to provide access to information has transformed the way students encounter the learning experience. Couple this with a digitally connected society being their norm then their expectations for their education is to not be constrained by limits.  This has required educators to expand their key tasks to include:

  • developing activity based and immersive learning strategies that are technology centric
  • providing student technology resources or managing BYOD
  • providing enabled environments in connected classrooms or via distance education
  • maintaining an open yet secure digital communication network between student, teachers and parents
  • protecting student information by managing the governance and compliance requirements around data security
  • simplifying the integration of paper and digital documentation into a central digital library
  • develop technology driven workflows to improve employee productivity and mobility

Underlining this is the ever present requirement to deliver within budget on finite capital expenditure.

At Pivotal Group, we work with principals and school IT managers to identify their technology needs both from a teacher, student, administration and management perspective. This includes asset deployment, workflow and document management solutions and providing ongoing support all under one simple monthly managed services cost. This frees up capital, allowing for investment in higher return on equity resources.

A recent example is a Port region school that had seen immense change in their requirements:

  • document printing requirements had changed to where there were declining volumes resulting in an excess of equipment incurring unnecessary ongoing costs
  • for the printing still being done there was no cost recovery, especially from mobile and iOS devices
  • there was a desire to commence providing students with IT resources encompassing:
    • developing an iOS (Apple) device strategy through consultation with Apple certified consultants
    • a ratio of 2:1 students per devise in phase one (over 500 devices)
    • move to a ratio of 1:1 in phase 2 as rapidly as funding became available
    • due to the speed of technology changes alleviate the concern of owning potentially redundant technology via a hand back solution within a specified time period
  • due to the expansion of IT technology within the school how could they minimise additional IT head count whilst also freeing up key IT staff to work on future IT planning
  • capital was restricted due to the schools rapid expansion which limited the opportunity to execute the IT strategy within appropriate time frames

Through a consultative process the Pivotal Group were able to assist the school in achieving all of these objectives:

  • The print fleet was refreshed with a 20% reduction in devices
  • After consultation with our Apple Certified Consultant
    • the school deployed over 500 iPads to students at the commencement of the 2018 school year
    • the iPads provided access to the schools learning systems, integrated print with full functionality for teachers and students and full cost recovery
    • the iPads are managed under with a 3 year hand back agreement to keep student up to date with the latest technology, whatever that may look like in the future
  • Pivotal Group has been engaged as the school’s IT Solutions consultant to assist in the design and implementation of key projects. This involves evaluation of a requested project’s scope of works, determining the best available solution to achieve defined objectives and, if required, deploy the solutions with or without managed support. Future projects include:
    • an integrated wireless system including policy compliance controls to cover devices whether they are on or off campus as well as system implementation
    • proactive server upgrades as they approach their optimal performance capacity
  • the total solution covering print devices, iPad acquisition and deployment as well as the consulting services were provided as a singular Managed Services Agreement. This has prevented capital expenditure from being withdrawn from other more critical projects that provided a better ROI but also prevented delaying the essential IT Plan. It has also reduced multiple suppliers down a singular manageable contract and invoice

So whether you need to simply refresh obsolete Print or IT hardware, require some technology guidance or remove significant IT related costs (or need anything in between) Pivotal Group can help you leverage the Digital Disruption wave and allow you to focus on more important things such as improving student outcomes.

The Pivotal Group

The Pivotal Group has over 40 years experience in servicing the technology needs of businesses in the Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter, New England and Port Macquarie regions of NSW.  Our expertise covers Managed Print Services, Business Process Design, IT Technology supply and support, Collaborative Conferencing and Digital POS Systems.


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