1. We’ve never heard Pivotal Business Systems before – are you a new business?

Pivotal Business Systems is the new trading name for Ricoh Business Centre Newcastle, Brian Cox Business Equipment Tamworth and Hastings Office Equipment Port Macquarie. Each of these businesses have been trading under their old names for 20+ years

2. We need a copier for an interstate office – can you help us?

Our own service area reaches long the coast from the Hawkesbury River to Kempsey and into the Hunter Valley and New England. We contract other Ricoh Dealers and Ricoh Australia to service machines that are purchased from us in any other metropolitan or regional location in Australia.

3. We are printing and copying more & more every year – how can we stop this?

Pivotal Business System offers a range of services to analyse your current situation, determine your requirements and manage the transition to and operation of a streamlined managed fleet.

4. We pay more & more every month for our copier – can you help us to stop this?

Pivotal Business Systems can help you to reduce your costs per page and your page volumes so not only you stop paying more but see your costs go down. And when you purchase your office equipment from us, we don’t consider the sale the end of our transaction with you. In fact, it’s just the first step toward ongoing support and continued savings.

5. We are not happy with our current copier supplier – can you take over?

If your current supplier is not valuing your business – we do! Pivotal Business Systems can help you to understand what obligations you may still have to honour with your current supplier and can assist you to manage the transition.

6. What can we do against the bin of waste pages next to our copier?

Economic considerations have in many organisations led to the deployment of shared printers and copiers. Unfortunate side effects of this approach include the volumes of printed pages users fail to collect or need to reprint because they were accidentally collected by someone else. Pivotal Business Systems offer a range of solutions to ensure that documents are not printed until the user is at the device to collect them.