FollowMe Printing and Data Loss Prevention Solution

FollowMe Printing and Data Loss Prevention Solution

Information security is rated a top IT concern. Stolen, misplaced or unauthorized access to documents can lead to industry compliance violations, lost business and tarnished reputations.

Pivotal Business Systems can help you protect your sensitive or valuable business information. With FollowMe, organizations have access to secure printing capabilities, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for paper based processes, integrated compliance and tracking features, and a scalable business intelligence engine for enterprise wide cost control.

The FollowMe Printing technology allows users to print effortlessly while roaming between floors, buildings or locations and securely release their documents for printing from any FollowMe enabled output device. This ensures printing remains confidential to the user, reducing the risk of documents left uncollected. In the event an output device is out of service, users can release their documents from the next available output device, without disrupting productivity.

Key benefits

•       Eliminates security breaches due to printed documents exposed in printer output trays

•       Improves staff productivity with flexible FollowMe printing anytime, anywhere

•       Reduces the IT support for network printing - reported to be up to 40% of all help desk calls

•       Minimizes printed waste and reduce print costs by up to 60%

FollowMe is also awarded by industry leading business equipment testing laboratory BLI as a leader in DLP software.

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