The perfect fit for your office

Are you satisfied with how communication is done in your business?
Pivotal wants to dramatically change the way you work by providing
communication services brimming with creativity.

Infrared Touch

Android 9.0

OPS slot

Anti-glare glass

Advanced Audiovisual Performance

Built in 4K AI Camera with voice tracking and auto framing, precisely positioning and automatically switching focus between the different speakers in video conference.



The amazing screen sharing tool. As a natural extension of BYOD, BYOM allows you to wirelessly access the camera and microphone of TB1100 Pro and start the video conference with your preferred UC platform.

Precision Touch & Effortless Writing

Zero bonding technology brings us a higher-definition visual experience by reducing parallax and enhancing readability. In addition, high proximity between fingertip and writing trail makes writing smoother as natural as you’re writing on the paper.

Windows Ink

2.4G/5G Duel Module WiFi


Zero Bonding

Collaboration anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

Effortless Wireless Screen Sharing

Connect up to 9 devices simultaneously and enjoy 4K wireless screen mirroring on the TE1200 Pro. With group synchronization, collaboration becomes seamless and dynamic, making it ideal for presentations, brainstorming, and interactive sessions.

Remote Control Simplified

Effortlessly manage your devices from anywhere, eliminating the need for on-site control.

Centralised Control

Access centralized app management and flexible installation scheduling for efficient operation.

Task Automation

Automate key functions like power management, remote desktop access, and wallpaper changes, streamlining your experience.

Painless efficiency

No need to plug cables anymore. With built-in Eshare Pro software, share your screen wirelessly and effortlessly. Show what you want to present right now, creating a good environment for your thoughts to flow freely.

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