Collaborate with more people in more places

Your best ideas have limitless potential. So why limit who you can share them with? Use our Unified Communication Systems to participate in videoconferences and share video, audio, PC screens and more with audiences quickly, easily and economically.

Online meetings expand your audience, not your budget

Because web conferencing is browser-based, participants are free to join the meeting from anywhere – including conference rooms, home offices or even coffee shops. Connect groups of participants in remote locations and communicate like everyone was in the same room.

Portable videoconferencing equipment sets up a meeting on the spot.

Stay in touch, even when on the move. Avoid juggling schedules while you wait for video conferencing room availability in your office. Pack the integrated camera, microphone and speakers into the compact, laptop-sized case and carry the portable UCS P3500M video conferencing equipment with you to turn any location into your own video conference room.

Keep your audience engaged

See your visuals clearly on any screen with up to 1280 x 800 dpi resolution and an output rate of 30 frames per second, for smoother action with less lag. With the 125-degree camera angle, nearly everybody in the room is visible. Use the zoom option to focus in on individual speakers. The high-quality microphone minimizes distractions by masking most non-stationary noises, including the tapping of pens and keyboards. Take advantage of dynamic media control to adjust images automatically and eliminate interruptions when your bandwidth is low.

Collaboration anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

How our system differs from conventional Video/Web Conferencing

With operations of only three steps, connection is extremely easy.

Conventional: settings are difficult so not everyone can use it. Each time it may be necessary to summon the administrator.

Since there are no location limitations, any space can be used.

Conventional: it is necessary to reserve the conference room. Depending on the room status, it may be necessary to rearrange the meeting schedule.

An Internet connection can be used to connect with other companies and customers.

Conventional: it is not possible to install a dedicated line connection with other companies and customers.

No MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) is required

Conventional: needs an MCU to make a video conference with multiple end-points, which takes cost and trouble.

Portable Video Conferencing available from Pivotal Business Systems.


Portable video conferencing system
UCS P3500


Portable video conferencing system
UCS P3500M

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