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Print smart, reduce waste

The office of today takes advantage of technology to make the workplace paperless, but why does the paperless school seem like a fairytale?

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Learning, with technology

Technology has changed everything, so it should come as no surprise that education has changed with it. The role that digital plays in education is critical, with computers helping to shape curriculum and how students connect.

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Increase efficiency and reduce operational costs with electronic forms, process automation, and secure records management.

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Customised solutions for your school

Building your technology based working environment needs to be as unique as your students. That’s why at Pivotal we can build a completely customisable learning solution to suit the needs of your school.

With our education specialists, we can audit your schools existing practices and implement solutions to meet your educational institutions demands, from start  to finish.


Benefits for students:

  • Improved learning environment
  • Increased attention through interaction with modern technology
  • Minimise the need for physical documentation from school to home

Benefits for teachers:

  • Increased attention rate through building learning programs
  • Access and share resources and learnings to enhance student results
  • Work remotely and decrease dependence on physical teaching

Benefits for admin staff:

  • Minimise the need for paper based forms
  • Increase IT support and leverage third party, professional experience
  • Reducing printing costs


Be the best in education

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Interactive Projectors

Multifunction Devices

Interactive Whiteboards

Transform Operations School-wide

Admissions & Enrollment

Streamline admissions review and approval to create a seamless digital experience for prospective students.

Student form processing

Simplify student requests and improve responsiveness through easy-to-use e-form solutions.

Human Resources

Achieve efficient employee lifecycle management and facilitate human-centric services by reducing manual burden on staff.

Accounts payable

Drive compliant and accelerated financial services through integrated workflow automation.

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