Managed Content Solutions

Managed Content Solutions

Why Switch from Paper to Digital Files?

You may have heard talk of the “paperless office.” It’s a tantalising possibility, but many companies large and small haven’t truly embraced it yet.

Some people just find comfort in dealing with paper documents. When you can hold something in your hand, it helps you feel like you’re in control. Unfortunately, depending on physical documents comes with some major drawbacks.

For one thing, printing and distributing documents takes time and money. Also, losing your documents or having them stolen can have both legal and financial consequences.

Pivotal Business Systems can help you avoid these problems. With Managed Content Solutions, you can make the transition from paper documents to digital files painlessly. You’ll be able to manage your information better and set your business up for greater success.

Details of Managed Content Solutions

Managed Content Solutions has four key components:

1) Capturing Documents

We provide you with scanners to convert physical documents into various electronic formats. Don’t worry if you have a large volume of files to work through: We have specialised, high-performance devices to handle a wide range of workloads.

2) Distributing Documents

Once you’ve captured your documents, you can route them to whoever needs them. Customisable workflows allow you to send particular document types to specific people automatically.

3) Storing/Retrieving Documents

You can store your documents and locate them by keyword. You’ll also have the ability to access your information from remote locations and mobile devices.

4) Protecting/Backing Up Documents

We’ll help you back up your information onsite or offsite. We can also help you set up restrictions to prevent unauthorised access to your confidential documents.


At Pivotal Business Systems, we make it our job to make your job easier. Our services have benefitted clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations. We’ll help you discover and implement changes that will improve your bottom line and help pave the way for continued success.



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