Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing

The advent of Wi-Fi and cloud computing has changed the way companies do business around the world. Now you can access your information and work while you’re on the go like never before. Consequently, smartphones and tablets have increasingly become important—even essential—business tools.

Thanks to our strong partnership with Ricoh, Pivotal Business Systems can offer customers outstanding Mobile Printing solutions. You’ll be able to print and distribute documents wirelessly with optimal ease.

Available Mobile Printing Solutions

Pivotal Business Systems currently offers the following mobile solutions from Ricoh:


AirPrint allows you to connect to a multifunction device using an iPhone or another Apple product. You’ll be able to detect AirPrint-enabled devices automatically and start printing with minimal setup time.

Smart Device Print App

Developed for Ricoh by Neusoft, the Smart Device Print App enables you to print photos and documents on MFDs from both Apple and Android devices. You can download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Ricoh’s HotSpot Printing app allows you to print documents, emails and other web content from any device that can access the Internet. Ideal for medium and large businesses, you can start printing without any additional drivers or software. You can also take advantage of security settings that ensure authorised users can access your printed material.

For more details on our available Mobile Printing solutions, contact us.