Page Management Solutions

Page Management Solutions

Tracking and controlling your office’s printing costs can seem like daunting tasks. People can use your devices excessively or for non-business purposes. Unclaimed or unnecessary documents can pile up in your desks, output trays and recycling bins. When you need to replace equipment or purchase additional machines, you may only be able to guess at your devices’ speed and volume capacities.

Pivotal Business Systems can help you rein in waste and regulate your workplace’s practices. Our Page Management solutions allow you to see not just who uses your printers but also what, when and where they print.

Features of Page Management Solutions

Our Page Management solutions give you the ability to monitor and manage:

  • Printer/copier users
  • Which devices are used in your workplace
  • How many pages a device prints
  • Usage by project, department, cost centre or customer

You’ll be able to set restrictions on users, documents printed, colour printing and more. This will allow for less waste, lower expenses and greater accountability in your office.

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