POS Systems

POS Systems

If you think Point of Sale systems are all alike, think again.

Pivotal Business Systems partners with industry innovators such as HP and SwiftPOS to bring you the most comprehensive, most effective POS packages available today. Thousands of customers across Australia and New Zealand and overseas use these products everyday, including:

  • Flemington Racecourse
  • Dracula’s Restaurant
  • Luna Park
  • Eden Park Stadium

Our POS systems are designed for unmatched reliability and ease of use. No matter the size of your operation, they can help you achieve success.

Features of POS Systems

Cafes, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs have all seen amazing results from installing our POS systems. Their superior features include:

Table Management

You can map out tables and floor plans, split tables or items, manage reservations and more.

Gift Cards

You can create and manage gift cards for your business. Security features can help you prevent fraud issues.


You can set up membership and loyalty programs for your customer base.

Phone Orders

You can receive and process phone orders easily. You’ll be able to recognize customers instantly and manage delivery and pick up orders faster.


You can establish security safeguards at your POS, back office and head office. Available systems also come with easy-to-use, effective reporting and investigation tools.

Accounts and Reports

You can set up, access and edit accounts from your POS or a mobile device. You can also generate reports for end of shift summaries and more. SwiftPOS Back Office offers concise reports ready for you to get the detailed information you need to run your business. Reports are broken down into sections and each report is configurable and can be exported multiple formats e.g. into your accounting or ERP software. Dashboard reporting provides realtime simple analytics enabling you to make decisions using transparent and understandable data.


If you have any questions about our POS systems please contact us.