Printers can be a significant factor in a company’s overhead. However, most people overlook just how much wasteful or inefficient printing practices cost them.

According to recent studies, a single employee can cost a business $10,000 or more through printing each year. Overall, printing can account for 1-3% of a workplace’s annual budget. Time spent learning how to operate equipment and malfunction-driven downtime can further impact your bottom line.

With a printer from Pivotal Business Systems, you can rein in those costs. Our selection of compact, easy-to-use devices will give you error-free pages quickly and consistently. You’ll maximise your productivity with minimal resource usage or wasted time.

Features of Pivotal Business Systems’ Printers

Pivotal Business Systems’ available printers come with such powerful features as:

  • The ability to print dozens of pages within minutes
  • Fast warm-up times (less than 10 seconds)
  • Security features to prevent your sensitive or confidential information from falling into the wrong hands
  • Duplex printing, low-energy design, recyclable parts and other eco-friendly features