Cost Recovery & Page Management

Using the functionality of our Page Management solutions, they enable you to monitor and control your printing costs better.

Features of Cost Recovery Solutions

  • Track the print activity of individual users, groups and more
  • See what people are printing are copying
  • Gain detailed data to better explain costs to clients
  • Set up potential income streams via pre-payment settings

Printing should be waste-free, easy, and secure…

Responsible Reminders

Implement print policies by using friendly pop-ups that prompt users to print in duplex or grayscale.

No uncollected print jobs

Make the overflowing recycling bin a thing of the past with Secure Print Release. Did you know that up to 12% of print jobs are uncollected?

Actionable Reports

Get full print visibility to unlock in-depth insights and stats – how many trees have you printed?


Give back to the earth and your printing budget. Our solutions boast eco-friendly policies to help you use less paper, save on toner, and make sustainable habits the status quo.

Tracking and controlling your office’s printing costs can seem like daunting tasks. People can use your devices excessively or for non-business purposes.

Unclaimed or unnecessary documents can pile up in your desks, output trays and recycling bins. When you need to replace equipment or purchase additional machines, you may only be able to guess at your devices’ speed and volume capacities.

Industry Spotlight: Legal

Your legal expertise isn’t the only thing that goes into client matters – there’s a lot of costly printing to recoup as well.

Pivotal simplifies cost recovery by integrating with leading third-party tools. Sync with popular practice management systems like LexisNexis Affinity and LeapCloud, and allocate all print, copy, scan, and fax costs to specific client codes.

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