Electronic Document Management Solutions


In the business world of today, a business can succeed or fail depending on how well it manages its records. These can include:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Customer records
  • Employee records
  • Compliance information

On any given day, you might need to retrieve some vital piece of information. This can prove difficult if you’re still relying on paper documents. You don’t need to suffer something as severe as fires or floods—simple human error could make you miss something at the wrong time. This can cost you time and money and possibly make clients lose trust in you.

Pivotal Business Systems helps you sidestep these problems. Our Electronic Document Management solutions enable authorised users to locate and retrieve files instantly. No delays, no clutter or physical storage costs, no extra copies in case you lose your originals.

Benefits of Electronic Document Management Solutions

Employing an Electronic Document Management solution eliminates the need for filing cabinets, off-site storage and the labour costs associated with filing paper documents. Saving files in your system is effortless: You can just capture a hardcopy on your scanner or multifunction device, add index information, file the document away and retrieve easily at a later time. You can configure our solutions to archive both incoming and outbound documents.

Records Management

In order to be agile, organisations need their information to be available, consistent and reliable. At the same time, regulatory and compliance mandates dictate that controls around organisational information be created. It’s a delicate, challenging balance to achieve, particularly for organisations that rely on paper records or a variety of specialised software applications for records management. Often, this means implementing a variety of specialised applications and developing new business processes. But there’s a simpler, more cost-effective way to achieve your records management goals all from a single platform – EDMS. EDMS serves as a foundational component of information governance at thousands of organisations around the world through four major components:

  1. Incorporates people, policies, technology and enterprise risk management
  2. Balances the need for compliance with the ability to create value from information
  3. Unites content management, business process management, DoD 5015.2-certified records management functionality and VERS compliant V2 certification
  4. Increases information’s availability while preserving its integrity – reducing risk across the entire enterprise Maintain Precise Control with Transparent Records Management

Secure access – from anywhere

With more content flowing in and out of organisations, it’s becoming harder and harder to optimise the decision-making process by getting the right information into the right hands at the right time – particularly when decision makers are travelling, meeting with clients or participating in industry events. With EDMS mobile access, decision makers gain convenient access to information stored in the repository – without sacrificing information security. They can create and upload content from wherever they are and prevent bottlenecks in business processes by approving and automatically routing documents, from wherever they are.

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