FollowMe has helped customers save up to 60% on office printing costs

Swipe & Release

  • Regardless of how many printers are in the organisation, users print to just one print queue via a universal driver.
  • The users’ choices are simply which paper size, colour, and whether to print double-sided.
  • Users walk to the nearest printer that’s convenient to them, swipe their card, and hey-presto! — their print jobs will find them.

Simplify work by making content easily accessible and searchable

Get your print jobs securely

Single queue printing

Release at any printer

Trusted by Financial Services, Healthcare and Government organisations for secure office printing.

The FollowMe Printing technology allows users to print effortlessly while roaming between floors, buildings or locations and securely release their documents for printing from any FollowMe enabled output device. This ensures printing remains confidential to the user, reducing the risk of documents left uncollected. In the event an output device is out of service, users can release their documents from the next available output device, without disrupting productivity.

Industry Spotlight

Medical Solutions


A chain of pathology labs has their technicians work shifts in four different labs around the city.

No matter which lab a tech is working at, and even if they work in two labs in one day, they never have to worry about choosing the right printer.

Since the labs were set up with Follow-Me printing, anything a lab tech prints from any of the four labs can be released and collected from any printer, even in a different lab.

Local Council

Local Council

A metropolitan water utility has maintenance depots scattered around the city and surrounding areas. When repair crews are responding to a broken water main or leaks in the distribution network, they can pull into the nearest depot and print their job parts lists directly on the depot printers. No more trying to upload or email from the tablets in their trucks or set up the local depot printer manually. With Follow-Me printing there’s a single queue for the whole organisation that works across every depot.

Small Business

Small Business

A small software development company has two printers, and the staff are constantly surprised by how busy the printers are. How much paper do you need to make software anyway? Turns out, a lot. Every few weeks the accounting team prints long reports (for example,invoice runs) and this ties up one of the printers.

With Follow-Me printing no more checking to see if accounting is hogging the printer, and no more staring daggers at poor Janet who just needs to get her invoice reports out before month end.

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