Powerful business process automation software that classifies, organizes, routes and archives documents.


Use more than 100 built-in activities to simplify thirdparty integration, offer easy customization and enhance administrative control


Alert and direct users regarding their responsibilities for completing business process tasks


Troubleshoot, optimise and report on system processes with an included search and reporting interface

Improve Decision-Making with Real-Time Information

  • Launch dynamic business processes with one click from web, desktop or mobile clients
  • Provide step-by-step instructions to users involved in the process
  • Update participants involved in a business process activity while the process is running
  • Display pending documents and actions required at various stages within a business process, increasing visibility, removing bottlenecks and prompting timely response
  • Identify and correct performance issues by monitoring and analysing the average time it takes for the process or part of the process to run, which steps took the longest and how long it took each participant to complete their tasks

Accelerate Organisation-Wide Document Review and Approval

  • Initiate processes, review documents and make decisions from a central inbox
  • Ensure tasks are completed on time with automatic, recurring notification emails
  • Track the approval status of each document and who is working on it
  • Enable concurrent review and approval for multiple users
  • Automatically send notifications when a document is created, edited or deleted

Quickly Diagram and Implement Workflows

  • Use 100+ drag-and-drop activities to easily build custom workflows
  • Save hours of staff time with rule-based workflows for simple tasks like renaming documents and emailing document changes
  • Digitise and model entire processes like HR onboarding and accounts payable processing without writing code

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